Monthly Archives - December 2013

Welcome to Bay State IP’s Legal Blog

We would like to welcome everyone to the launch of our firm’s blog, where we will be discussing all areas of Intellectual Property law, ranging from important Patent, Trademark and Copyright cases pending in the Federal Courts to helpful tips for first time inventors and start-ups.

At Bay State IP, our team understands the value that Intellectual Property plays in today’s world, whether you are an individual inventor trying to protect a new device you created in your spare time, a start-up securing their brand for a new service, or an established company seeking to develop and license their latest technology.

Through our years of experience working with clients of all sizes and different stages of development on a variety of projects, we are looking to provide another resource to everyone based on discussions, comments and questions we have been asked, along with the common themes we see every day relating to Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights.

Once again, we want to welcome everyone to our blog, and please feel free to take a look around our website for additional information on all areas of Intellectual Property.