Our Boston Trademark Attorney will work with you to secure protection for words, logos or symbols which identify with your business, whether you are an individual owner or a large corporation, is essential to increase both value and positive public recognition for your overall business entity.

Trademarks and service marks often represent some of the most valued and enforced intellectual property assets in a business portfolio. Thus, in today’s competitive world based economy, protecting your company’s name, as well as achieving product recognition is vital, as the existence of confusingly similar names and logos will serve to diminish the value of your business entity and accompanying merchandise or services. At the center of this protection is a well conceived and carefully crafted strategy for guiding your trademark and trade dress portfolio development and execution from the initial disclosure process through the grant of a registered trademark in the United States and abroad, to post-issuance enforcement and licensing.

Our team at Bay State IP recognizes the importance of the trademark and prosecution process to our client’s and how this protection is an integral element in identifying and securing one’s technological innovations. In addition, our team works to understand the business strategy associated with each client, in order to recommend the best course of action for our client’s to meet their individual business needs.

Our team at Bay State IP works with clients in the following areas regarding trademark applications and prosecution:

  • Working with clients through the trademark conception and disclosure process to ensure that the matter disclosed clearly identifies the client’s mark.
  • Providing trademark searches to determine the most relevant registrations and applications in order to evaluate whether to file a trademark application.
  • Preparation, drafting and prosecution to registration of US trademark applications.
  • Working with a network of foreign associates to prepare and file patent applications outside of the United States, whether via Madrid Protocol or directly with the foreign associates.
  • Representation in Opposition and Cancellation Proceedings.

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