Our Boston Patent Attorney and Boston Trademark Attorney can help protect your valuable Intellectual Property against theft or infringement. For some clients, the issuance of a patent or registration of a trademark completes the substantive work in securing protection for their innovations. Unfortunately, some clients are required to enforce their intellectual property against third-party infringers while others may be required to defend against allegations of potential infringement.

Our team works with our clients to try and settle disputes with opposing parties outside of the court room to avoid lengthy proceedings and expenses and allow our clients to focus on maximizing their intellectual property assets. However, sometimes it is not possible to seek a reasonable settlement and our clients must look to the Courts for assistance. Our team works with a number of seasoned litigators to provide the technical and litigation support required to both understand and enforce a client’s intellectual property.

Representative Matters

Boston Sports Medicine, Inc. v. Boston Sports Medicine & Research Institute (D. Mass – Trademark Infringement)

We are currently representing our client Boston Sports Medicine, Inc. in a Trademark dispute in the District Court for the Federal District of Massachusetts enforcing their Federal & State Trademark Registrations.

Corinne Greenhalgh v. Jillian Michaels and Empowered Media, LLC (D. Mass – Trademark Infringement)

We secured a quick resolution with extremely favorable terms for our client Corinne Greenhalgh in her Trademark dispute with Jillian Michaels et al.  This case illustrates the value in securing a Federal Trademark Registration and being able to enforce the mark against 3rd parties for any confusingly similar marks.

Gronk Nation, LLC v. Sully’s Tees, LLC (D. Mass – Trademark Infringement)

We secured a favorable resolution for our client Gronk Nation in its Trademark dispute with Sully’s Tees over the unauthorized sale of clothing utilizing our client’s likeness and Federal Trademark.

Ann Mullan-Karaktsanis v. Belleek Pottery Group USA and Belleek Pottery Ltd. (D. Mass – Copyright Infringement / Unfair Competition)

We secured a favorable settlement for our client Ann Mullan in her dispute with Belleek Pottery over the sale unique Irish pottery elements enforcing our clients Copyright & Trademark registrations.

BBK Holdings, LLC and TCN Technologies v. Epernicus, LLC (D. Mass – Trademark Infringement)

We secured favorable settlement terms for our client Epernicus, LLC in the defense of Trademark allegations by BBK Holdings by demonstrating a lack of confusion between the parties Trademark registrations and the distinctiveness of each mark.

Patti Products Inc. v. International Tent & Equipment Manufacturing, Inc. (D. Mass – Patent Infringement)

We secured a favorable settlement for our client Patti Products Inc. in its Patent dispute with ITEM concerning technology related to removable storage cover systems for debris removal devices.  This case illustrates the value of obtaining patent protection for your invention and being able to assert valid claims against a potentially infringement product.

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