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USPTO Reduces a Handful of Fees with New Fee Schedule

On January 1, 2014, the United States Patent & Trademark Office released their latest fee schedule, and of note several fees have been reduced from their previous levels which should assist individual inventors and those able to qualify as a micro entity in containing their patent prosecution budgets.

Issue Fees

The new fee schedule reduces the issue fee required for an application to proceed to grant across the board regardless of entity size.  Furthermore, the USPTO has eliminated the publication fee that accompanied the issue fee for all entities; previously the publication was a set price that was not eligible for reduction if individuals were either a small or micro entity.

In particular, the new schedule reduces the issue fees and publication fees as follows:

                                     Micro Entity    Small Entity     Large Entity


Utility  Issue Fee       $445                 $890                   $1780

Publication Fee          $300                 $300                  $300

Design Issue Fee        $255                 $510                    $1020


Utility Issue Fee        $240                 $480              $960

Design Issue Fee        $140                 $280                  $560

Publication Fee          $0                      $0                        $0

Assignment Fees

The new schedule eliminates the previous $40 recordation fee for patent assignments if the assignments are recorded electronically with the USPTO.

Patent Cooperation Treaty Fees

Although the fees for submitting a PCT Application to enter the International National phase remain the same, applicants can now take advantage of being able to qualify as a Small Entity or a Micro Entity and be entitled to a reduction in certain fees as follows:

                                   Micro Entity    Small Entity     Large Entity     


Transmittal Fee           N/A                 N/A                 $240

Search Fee (US)           N/A                 N/A                 $2080

Prelim. Exam Fee        N/A                 N/A                 $600

Suppl. Exam Fee          N/A                 N/A                 $600


Transmittal Fee           $60                  $120                $240

Search Fee (US)           $520                $1040              $2080

Prelim. Exam Fee        $150                $300                $600

Suppl. Exam Fee          $150                $300                $600


Overall, the reduction in fees offers some modest relief to all entities, however applicants that qualify as either Small or Micro should see the most benefit from these changes, especially given in the increases in overall fees at the USPTO the last several years.  While much attention may focus on the decrease in issue fees, perhaps an overlooked and underappreciated aspect of the changes in the fee schedule relate to the applicability of small and micro entity rates for some PCT fees.  Individual inventors, start-ups and small sized companies who maintain a modest budget for patent prosecution, and may have been previously dissuaded to submit a PCT Application, may now reconsider and look at filing such an application.

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Supermassive Games Trademark

United States Trademark Registration No. 4,263,108 for Supermassive Games (stylized design)

Supermassive Games is a videogame developer founded in 2008, which focus on PlayStation-exclusive games. In order to protect their business, they needed a trademark which would cover every aspect of their business. The trademark we obtained protects their name and logo for a variety of goods and services including Computer Software, Operating online marketplaces, Entertainment services including conducting electronic computer games, and Technological services relating to design and development of computer software.

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Supermassive Games Trademark

Array of Aircraft Seats

United States Patent No. 8,348,195 for an Array of Aircraft Seats

American Airlines, Inc. is a major U.S. airline, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. It operates an extensive international and domestic network, with scheduled flights throughout North America, the Caribbean, South America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific. American Airlines, Inc. was founded in 1934, but traces its roots back to the early days of aviation in the 1920s.

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US Pat No. 8348195 Array of Aircraft Seats

Electrode-less Incandescent Bulb

United States Patent No. 8,241,082 for an Electrode-less Incandescent Bulb

Ceravision Limited is a private UK-based company leading the world through the development of High Efficiency Plasma (HEP) technology. This technology delivers significant energy savings, unrivalled reliability, increased intelligent lighting controls and superb color quality.

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US Pat No. 8241082 Electrode Less Incandescent Bulb

Cylindrical Bi-planar Gradient Coil for MRI

United States Patent No. 8,203,341 for a Cylindrical Bi-Planar Gradient Coil for MRI

XBO Medical Systems Co., Ltd. was formed in April 2010. XBO is dedicated to innovating and manufacturing permanent MRI technologies and systems. XBO has built its strength in permanent MRI magnet, gradient and system technologies and utilizes these technologies in its products.

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US Pat No. 8203341 Cylindrical Bi Planar Gradient Coil for MRI (1)

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NAKID Social Sports has already brought social sports for adults to Denver, Austin, Charlotte, and Washington DC. Now, they are bringing their unique brand of adult recreational sports league to Boston. Offering bowling, cornhole, dodgeball, flag football, kickball, and volleyball, along with a variety of social events, NAKID offers an experience unlike any other.

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IIM Global Corp is a leader in providing innovative solutions to technical challenges. Their HDR+ is a palmtop computer running the Android OS, designed for a variety of applications which require biometric security. For their 2012 elections, IIM Global Corp supplied Ghana with over 30,000 units, enabling over 11 million people to vote in 12 hours with no major problems.

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For over 25 years, Steve DiFillippo has made the name “Davio’s” synonymous with quality Italian food. Now, after making Davio’s a success in Boston and Philadelphia, he is bringing the Davio’s name to a whole new location: Foxborough, Massachusetts. Foxborough, home of the New England Patriots, will be the newest location to house a Davio’s location.

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